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white blue black  RACKET BALLS,official,made by J Price
Developing  balls for the Sports Associations, Tennis, Squash,  Racketball and Fives. The larger Magnum type 3 tennis ball initially for the I T F,  became a World Standard ball. The larger lighter Red 75mm mini tennis ball for the LTA. Official balls for The England Squash & Racketball Assoc  for ‘Mini Squash’.and Racketball .
 Making Tennis balls  in  WHITE, PINK, Blue,Black,ORANGE, GREEN, Yellow,(of course) and two colours, and   personalise them for individuals and companies.Pink tennis
Googling’ for racket balls on the web  generally brings up racquet balls because the predominance of these balls used in the world. These racquet balls are, apart from size, completely different to the English ball and  it is confusing when trying to buy balls for the English game.
England squash
Form the ONLY British squash ball maker
Approved racket balls,made by J Price

England Squash & Racketball Association


The only ball maker  in the UK and Europe. Tennis balls,Squash balls and other balls since 1936,  

All other balls are imported and are generally made down to a price. This is not what we do, concentrating on  Quality, specials,  Exclusive top end products, personalized balls for all occasions


Racket balls,Squash balls,Skittle balls,Fives balls, mini squash balls,mini tennis balls




Over 40 years ago  we were asked by various people ,Chester Knobbs and others, to make balls for ‘Racketball’,  the UK version of ‘Racquetball’ .because balls available,some imported ,varied considerably.There were no real standards and there was continuing ‘debate’ as to what was required.


We resisted until Dunlop moved all ball production to the far east and  asked us to make their blue racket ball  whilst they got  going .


Asked by  Association to develop a slower ball, in black, in addition to the blue ball  we made for Dunlop., we decided to sell  Racket balls under  the  PRICE  brand,

At the same time slowing down the  blue ball. for the PRICE version . Both balls adopted as  Official Balls.

Development  continued for the Association  and  we now produce a WHITE BALL.

for  use.

   Plus  an extra slow double dot® ball for the  keen and expert players


We make 4 different balls for Racketball

1. White single yellow dot ®for special Matches

2. Single yellow dot ® Black ball  for Match play

3. Double dot ® Black ball for the extra keen expert

4. Blue ball for social and recreational play

England’s and Europe’s ONLY Ball maker

1 x  3 ball pack
Blue recreational ball
2 x 3 ball packs
3 x 3 ball packs
Black single dot ®Tournament
1 x 3 ball pack
2 x 3 ball packs
3 x 3 ball packs
4 x 3 ball packs
4 x 3 ball packs
Black double dot ®expert ball
1 x 3 ball pack
2 x 3 ball packs
3 x 3 ball packs
4 x 3 ball packs
White Match ball
1 x 3 ball pack

Trade and Club discounts available



Double yellow dot®Racket balls and Single yellow dot®developed by us for England Squash
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